Library Move Scrapbook - Summer, 2012

Library Move Scrap Book- Winter 2013

Pictures of the new library in the Library move scrapbook. For description of the move, see Library Move Scrapbook.

New Library

With the move, old materials were weeded, and the card catalog, woefully out of date, has been developed as an online application! This catalog will be available over the internet, along with what materials we have, in what categories, when it was written or printed, and other information. It is a big job, even with a small library, and many volunteer hours have been utilized for this task.

Getting everything cataloged, organized, and shelved. It seems to be going slowly, but it is progressing.

The piles of boxes seen in October are diminishing. The pile is lower and smaller. You can even see part of the tile floor in what will be the children's area.

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