Library Move Scrap Book- Summer 2012

Page 2 of the Library move scrapbook. For description of the move, see Library Move Scrapbook. To see the new library, see New Library.


Old Library

This picture is of the children's area in the old library, complete with the low children's table, chairs, decorations, and a mural drawn on the wall by George Balcom. Sadly, this murial, by its nature, will have to remain with the building.

This photo is the corner housing the library's adult nonfiction collection.

This picture is one of the library's many bookshelves.


This is a picture of the round "yellow" table donated by former librarian Curley Abel, for general library use. During the move, it is often used for sorting or classifying books. In the backround is a packed-full display cabinet, used for storage, so that it cannot be properly utilized as a display cabinet in the old library. The new library will allow items to be displayed or used - either in the library or by the village itself for village memorabilia, as deemed appropriate.
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