Broadwater Friends of the Library activities

The Broadwater Friends of the Library is having its first activity for the benefit of the public on Wednesday, August 24 at 7:00 p.m. at the library. The title for this event is Effectively Making Your Voice Heard to Government Officials.

At this event that will be interetsing for students who can discover how to create good speeches in order not to wonder "how to write my informative speech " also for current and future lawyers, students of such faculties as IR, Public Relations, and just for those who wanna learn more about speeches, how to write them and make them more effective.

This is an educational event for the purpose of helping individuals learn the best ways to contact elected officials and other decision makers, in government and in private organizations to better communicate their opinions as citizens, voters, consumers, and members of the general public.

A printable flyer for this event may be found at Effectively Making Your Voice Heard to Government Officials


Organizational and Legal activities

The organization has been set up as a simple organization, within Nebraska law, and we have a taxpayer ID number, which means among other things, that we can open a bank account once we have raised enough money to do so. Currently, we are attempting to raise the US Government filing fee fo apply for a 501(c)(3) or nonprofit status with the Internal Revenue Service, so that donors can deduct donations from their taxes, and making us eligible for many grants and endowments.

Please help us by making a contribution to our organization in whatever amount you can. Anything helps. Donations may be tax deductable. Please see an accountant or other qualified professional for specific tax advice.


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