Minutes of the May, 2011 Meeting of the "Friends of the Broadwater Library"

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Meeting May 13, 2011
Meeting convened at 3:40 p.m.

Present: Elizabeth Kulacz, James Kulacz, Brandie Harlow, Bev Wagoner, Naomi Loxterkamp (Library Director).

James opened meeting.

James read the minutes from the April 4th meeting. Bev moved to accept minutes. They were accepted through unanimous vote.

Discussion ensued about setting up a corporation. It was suggested to talk to Tom and Jane Oliver. Tom is an attorney in Bridgeport, Nebraska, and Jane is involved with the Bridgeport Friends of the Library. They have offered to assist with the legal paperwork involved with setting up a Friends of the Library in Broadwater. Beth will contact them to arrange for their help next week. Bev offered to pay for reasonable fees if they are required. Beth will keep her informed.

Beth was discussing Friends of the Library issues with leaders and officers in the Ponca City, Oklahoma Friends of the Library during her trip there. She brought up several fund-raising activities used there that could be implemented here. 

She brought up several fund-raising activities used there that could be implemented here and of course with the use of management essay writing service it was possible to count everything and make the statistical essay with all fund-raising activities, tips of attracting more youth to attend libraries.

One function of a Friends of the Library group is to sell books which are weeded from the library collection by the librarians. The Library itself has been selling books periodically throughout the year. The Friends of the Library could take over this task, as well as selling donated books. Disposal of unsold books was discussed. Beth said that the other Friends of the Library groups she has been talking with say that they donate them to prisons. Those at the meeting thought this was a good idea, although there are other organizations which could put such books to use, including Veterans Hospitals, Childrens Hospitals, and retirement homes. Donations of such unused, unwanted books will be decided at future meetings as the issue arises.

The adoption of provisional officers in the April meeting was discussed. Based on current plans in accordance with interest and experience, Beth wishes to remain secretary through the group's official formation. Bev offered to become the Vice President. Beth so nominated her, which was seconded by Brandie. Bev Wagoner was elected Vice President through unanimous vote.

Next meeting will be held Friday, June 10, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. at the Broadwater Library. One item for discussion is to include our presence at the Broadwater Days celebration the following weekend, to expand awareness among people living out of town who have an interest in Broadwater, to allow for their names to be included on mailing lists and to encourage their memberships and donations.

Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.


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