Broadwater Friends of the Library

Welcome to the home page of Broadwater Friends of the Library. The purpose of this organization shall be to focus public attention on Broadwater services, facilities, and needs; and to encourage donations, gifts, endowments, grants, and bequests to the Library, thereby stimulating increased usage and enhancement of Library resources and services, and thus helping enrich the lives of the local community. It is recognized that the administration of the Broadwater Public Library is vested in the Village of Broadwater, Nebraska, through the Library Board; and the Library Director.

We are still in the process of obtaining legal status, documents, and obtaining a status as a nonprofit corporation. We are a private organization, separate entity from the Village of Broadwater and from the Library Board.


Broadwater Public Library

The library has reopened after its move! Materials have been weeded and are being cataloged. Many new materials have been donated over the past few months, and much material has been made available which we did not realize that we had. We are quite excited and proud of some of these items.

The new location is at 251 N. Starr Street, at the north end of the building. This is 1.5 blocks north and 1.5 blocks east of its present location, in the building formerly used as an elementary school. The shelving and organization of the library is not yet complete, but it's now usable. A scrapbook of the moving activities and progression of organization with pictures is available by clicking the scrapbook link.